This is a purely indigenous organization within the Boruca community; this community is located in the southern zone of Costa Rica and was founded by the communities’ artisans to provide support through the sale of their products. Founded in the early eighties and initially only for women it began as a craft workshop where they met to develop their products.


Today “Flor de Boruca” manages the community museum and community association, its leadership is duly registered at the national level. This is the craft organization “FLOR DE BORUCA” with Community, National and International recognition that has become a point of reference for both national and foreign tourism.






It is the most deep rooted Boruca/Terraba culture, known both nationally and internationally for its highly artistic traditions, it represents the eternal struggle of an indigenous culture in maintaining their own identity in daily life with all of today’s cultural obstacles.


 Celebrated from 30 December to 2 January, the Boruca´s go back in time to affirm their ancestral legacy as an indigenous people. This is a place of relaxation where you can enjoy the fresh water and tranquillity that only nature gives you in Boruca.


Boruca/Terraba are indigenous towns that have a great cultural and historical heritage filled with customs and traditions. For visitors it is a very enriching experience. With the development of handicrafts, Boruca/Terraba have excelled, becoming known internationally for its art.




Boruca/Terraba traditional masks are made of balsa wood, painted entirely by hand with synthetic dyes which give a better finish. They are also made from cedar wood and these are not painted, so as to take advantage of the woods natural beauty, these are used in the popular game of the little devils “Los Diablitos”.





The Jicaras were used as a tool for daily use within the Boruca/Terraba homes; to keep water cool, to store things and to make Chicha for special festivities such as the fire of the little devils. With today’s artistic designs Jicaras also contribute to household incomes and culture.

Bows and spears were used as weapons of defence by most indigenous peoples and these were made of wood from the peach tree, along with drums and other artefacts. The drums are also made of different woods, such as balsa, cedar, etc.




Our work comes from time immemorial as the indigenous lifestyle and has always dictated our lifestyle, our dress, traditional food and cultural activities. The Boruca community museum is about traditions and culture. Outside the museum is an original pre-Columbian world which has been designated as a World Heritage site and is exhibited with great pride and respect.

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